Hi, I'm Nathan Kahn.

Am I the Nathan Kahn you went to school with? worked with? played music with?
I don't know. Let's find out.

Here's a photo of me on vacation, in 2018:

Here's a photo of me in New York, taken in 2008:

nathankahn2008.jpg - 28095 Bytes

Here's a photo of me with really long hair, approx. 1985:

And now, the history . . .

I was born in 1960. Let's skip a bit. From 1969-1973 I attended King David Primary & Secondary Schools in Liverpool, England. 1973-1977 Chambersburg Area Senior High School in Chambersburg, PA, USA.


I guess that's it. If I'm the Nathan Kahn you know, drop me a line at me@nathankahn.com. I look forward to hearing from you!!

Are you a Nathan Kahn? I can put a link to your website here. Just email me and ask. You can have a @nathankahn.com email address too, if you like.